Now you’ve done it. Now you’ve gone and fucking done it. Shit.

Welcome to benchiladaland beta.

After about a billionty years of planning this, I finally got it up and running thanks to that most delightful of dames, the fiancee I fancy, Nadja Robot.

Expect the usual Fuckbrain Comix, Inappropriate Comix, and photos, only more better and more often, as well new serialized comics and new writing.

  • Yer gonna get art at least once a week.
  • Yer gonna get at least two entries per week.
  • Yer gonna see archives of old works and new features appear as the site unfolds.
  • Yer gonna check the ribbon to the right for other places that I live on the tubes.
  • Yer gonna click the links and see the rest of Stone Robot Enterprises.
  • Yer gonna get a backache sitting like that.

Some of those may be hopes as opposed to realities. Not the bit about how you’re sitting, though, for the love of fuck.

And now, please to enjoy the first piece of original art up on, also part of a new series:


or, The Lil’est Cyberman:

The Littlest Cyberman

See you sooner than you think, with a comic about copyright and a comic about…just…ugh. You’ll see.

I’m so close I can smell you,

Live from Stone Robot Enterprises

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