One thought on “I have two questions and maybe art?

  1. “Fuck Your Babbage Machine” — 2014, Benjamin Stone, Urbana, IL.
    Mixed Media; Permanent Marker on Perforated Card Stock

    By asking a self-referential question on a historical document, the artist attempts to juxtapose our contextless, post-modern reality with the purported “concreteness” of modern Western history. The combination of printed lines and machine-punched divots on the card itself and the more fluid, natural, human handwriting of the marker evoke a poignant, subliminal inquiry on the nature of what it is to be human in the modern age. Lastly, the reader is asked to question whether “defacement” has truly occurred — as while the cosmetic nature of the card stock has been irrevocably altered, the punches are still detectable by the original machine, meaning there has been no loss of functionality.


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