The Wizard's Lesson Page 6

Nadja and I recently watched The Holy Flame of the Martial World, and by the time it ended we both agreed that it was top-fucking-tier Martial Arts Madness. Flicks like Zu: Warriors of the Magic Mountain and A Chinese Ghost Story would never have happened without movies like this happening first.

Here’s the trailer, but it’s a Hong Kong film, so they’re going to throw spoilers at you left-and-right, starting right after the hair fight at :41. By the time you hit :50 you get light spoilers and at the end they give away a huge plot point. I also advise watching it in large–but not fullscreen–format.

If you don’t give a shit, watch it all. If you’ve got nine bucks, though, skip the spoilers and enjoy the breadth and butterth of this beautiful celluloid madness.

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