Hey there, kids!

Another page of The Wizard’s Lesson is ready.


Part One
Parts Two and Three
Parts Four and Five
Part Six
Part Seven




Wizards Lesson 8 and 9


I’m going to try to up my output on them so I can have at least a half-assed bound edition for Madefest 2014, where Stone Robot Enteprises will be sharing a booth with the delightful and talented Sophie McMahon. Updates to come.

As soon as The Wizard’s Lesson is finished, I’m going to get going on my next project, XXXX XX XXX X XXXXXXXXXX [working title].

It occurred to me that I haven’t mentioned the original source of The Wizard’s Lesson. The earliest translation of it in English was done by a fellow named Li Fun Yen, in the late 19th/early 20th century. He apparently lived rather a disillusioned life. I’m glad he did some work on spreading knowledge of his country’s history before things went south. When I finish the comic, I’ll have more details on him.

Notes on Upcoming Projects:

– More of the Wizard’s Lesson
– Two one-shots about people being filthy douchenozzles
– See previous bunch of X’s
– New Sir Reginald story [Jeez, I haven’t written one in over 2 years]
– Finish that nude sketch of you

I think that’s all.

See you tonight. You won’t see me.



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