Drew a page of a new Fuckbrain Comix: OCD Edition for you last night, but was unable to get it scanned to release today. Two more pages of it to draw, as well as the next page or two of The Wizard’s Lesson. Weekend plans, then.

A combination of factors–persontimes, medication changes, and generalized stress–have been making my Tourette’s extra mean for a few days. I can feel the verbal outbursts just on the edge of expression, but thankfully they haven’t manifested yet.


My hip twitches–to blazes with them!–are increasing again, which often leads to this:


I’ve been having right leg issues, which once led me to have to walk like this for a year or two. I’m still not completely over what my friends affectionately call my Pimp Limp:



Now that I’ve rambled and bitched for a bit, I should let you know that my next blog entry will be better written. I’m adjusting how I approach this site again; not just art, but proper posts, too. I miss talking about things off of FB, and this allows me to connect with other people and discussions through my Twitter, Livejournal, et cetera,

We’ll see how that works out. 🙂



Wizards Lesson General thumbnail

Hey! I drew a new page of The Wizard’s Lesson for you down a bit.

Before we get to that, though, I just need to put part of an old story here.

Certainly not because I’m about to finish new things with this character. Heavens no. Why would I let a marginally-beloved character have new life after years of being allowed to languish? I mean, it’s not like I once wrote about him so often that my fiancee Nadja Robot made me an action figure of Reginald.

Anyroad, here’s a bit of words:

“Bored,” said Sir Reginald to nobody in particular as he threw a fifty peso coin across the room. It ricocheted off of a bronze statue of JFK, which yelped in pain.

“Bored,” he repeated, throwing another coin at the Stone of Unyielding Sorrow, which hung from the ceiling by a rope. He missed, and the coin instead landed in the bucket under it, the one that collects the tears and blood that slowly leech out of the stone.

“Bored,” he said a bit louder and flicked another coin at the back of Willy, the ghost that lived in Sir Reginald’s house in exchange for assistance with matters that only a ghost can assist with. His name wasn’t actually Willy, but Reginald liked that better than its real name. The coin flew through the ectoplasm and landed in a tank of fetid water that may or may not have had a very tiny coelacanth in it.”

To Read The Rest….

And now…the drawing part.

The Wizard’s Lesson, previous chapters.

Part One
Parts Two and Three
Parts Four and Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight
Part Nine

Wizards Lesson General


The Wizards Lesson: Part Nine thumbnail


The Wizard’s Tale previous chapters.

Part One
Parts Two and Three
Parts Four and Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight

And now…

Wizards Lesson Part Nine

Nadja has been working on some costumes for Carnivale Debauche recently, so we put on movies in the background.

We saw Raiders of the Lost Ark, one of the three Indiana Jones movies. THREE, YOU BASTARDS!

We then did Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the most regrettably plotless of all the Harry Potter films. I love the Dementors so much, but there’s a whole lot of not a lot going on in the movie.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home still stands up. The jokes are hilarious, and for the love of god, it really doesn’t matter why there’s a whale probe (not that kind, pervert) or why their “S’up, fuckers?” message destroys starships and planets. The meat of the movie is the fun acting of the cast and the ridiculous jokes. 🙂

The trailer for STIV:TVH is hilarious, as it’s effectively a series of clips, in order, from the film…opening scenes to the climax of the film. It’s one big spoiler.

Spoilers. Seriously.

Anyways, I have the next page of The Wizard’s Lesson scanned and ready to upload next week. Starting a one-shot tonight or tomorrow night.





Patlabor is important to me.

More on that later, because I’m on vacation. For now?

Please enjoy the amazing pre-color linework that Matt Decker of Premium Tattoo laid down for my latest geek tattoo, making it 5 for 5.  NOTE: My arm is curved, so Alphonse’s ear is actually way longer and Noa’s face is not as angular.

My pre-color Patlabor Tattoo - Noa and Alphonse - as done by Matt Decker

Also, I really haven’t been able to find any other Patlabor tattoos online. I may be–as I am almost certain I was with the tattoo below–the first person to have one. No matter what, I now have my two favorite shows represented on each shoulder.


Life is good.



451 thumbnail crop

I’d apologize for letting you down on content last week, but I’m not sure that any of you give a shit.

And that hurts.*

I’ve got two pages of The Wizard’s Tale ready for scanning tomorrow, and may be able to finish a third before heading to Oakland for nine days. You’ll be getting some content those days, but likely in the form of photos and stories about how awesome it is in California.

Don’t try to rob us, though; our home will be guarded by a ferocious old cat and a friend who is staying there and being afforded an exception to Stone Robot Enterprises‘ “NO GUNS” rule.

A few weeks ago Nadja figured out what her Halloween costume would be, and a few days ago I figured out mine.

This is important, because Halloween is my favorite holiday. It even beats out Van Riebeeck Day, which is a VERY close second*.

While I’ve had a few years where Halloween costuming was superceded by extenuating circumstances, generally, when I actually do Halloween, I don’t believe in pissing about.

Here’s one of my favorite homemade costumes:


[pic–and most of the others–by Nadja Robot]


I really hope you recognize it or can figure it out. No worries if you can’t, though; I’m here to help.

You can find more behind the jump at the bottom.

Did I mention I’m getting a new tattoo in California? I didn’t?

The hell I didn’t; go back two sentences.

Anyways, time to get back to the culling. These rabid [REDACTED] aren’t going to [REDACTED] themselves, after all.



*Not true