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Look! My first guest art from my Artisan Ponies Project!

It is drawed by my favorite person, Nadja Robot.

Nadja Artisan Pony
My pony for the day is:

Artisan Pony Nov 24Hind legs = ham hocks? SUCCESS.


The rules are only that there: only ink, NO photo reference, and drawn with relative rapidity.

Bring it.

Unrelated, I’ll have eight full panels worth of The Wizard’s Lesson on Thursday.



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Yeah, I’m a few days behind. I’ve been busy.

I’ve been having far too much fun already with my Artisan Ponies project on Tumblr. If you’ve been following my art for long, you know that animals are NOT my forte, but that somehow my horses always look…unique.

Artisan Pony 6 munching

I’m starting the next Wizard’s Lesson tonight–a two page splash–and I’ll do my damnedest to have it up for Tuesday. For now, we have:

The Wizard’s Lesson Part One
Next Pages
The Next Page
The Lastest So Far

First VERY preliminary sketches for the Tarot deck I’m going to do have started. Don’t worry, I won’t be crossing any streams, and will finish The Wizard’s Lesson before continuing.

Tarot trump notes
In other news, Nadja and I are working next week on our online sales model. We should have it up soon and you can buy terribly fun things from us.

For now, peace out motherfuckers.



REMINDER: The pony and tarot sketches leave copyright November 20, 2014.

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“Interesting” fact: unless I’m working on a piece that’s 100% planned-out and ready, I don’t keep track of which color I use on various parts of drawings.

As such, when I have something like The Wizard’s Lesson, colors on everything change unless I can remember from the last time I drew.

For example, I know that King Yama, Lord of the Underworld, should have a face red with righteous fury, so I draw it like that…then forgot which pencil I used. Glad I don’t have to draw him again. 😛

I think that the color of Tzu Ch’un’s astral self is “green bice,” but don’t quote me on that, because that would be a stupid thing to quote me about.

Why would you even do that? Quote me on a color?

I thought I knew you.

Oh, by the way, our “Fuck Civility” buttons are now up on our Etsy shop. Support Steven Salaita, kids, by expressing your own first-amendment rights:

Fuck Civility Thumbnail

In any event, please have some looks back and today’s art:

The Wizard’s Lesson First Part
The Wizard’s Lesson Gore Begins
The Wizard’s Lesson Gore Continues

Click To Embiggen:

Wizard's Lesson The Pit