“Interesting” fact: unless I’m working on a piece that’s 100% planned-out and ready, I don’t keep track of which color I use on various parts of drawings.

As such, when I have something like The Wizard’s Lesson, colors on everything change unless I can remember from the last time I drew.

For example, I know that King Yama, Lord of the Underworld, should have a face red with righteous fury, so I draw it like that…then forgot which pencil I used. Glad I don’t have to draw him again. 😛

I think that the color of Tzu Ch’un’s astral self is “green bice,” but don’t quote me on that, because that would be a stupid thing to quote me about.

Why would you even do that? Quote me on a color?

I thought I knew you.

Oh, by the way, our “Fuck Civility” buttons are now up on our Etsy shop. Support Steven Salaita, kids, by expressing your own first-amendment rights:

Fuck Civility Thumbnail

In any event, please have some looks back and today’s art:

The Wizard’s Lesson First Part
The Wizard’s Lesson Gore Begins
The Wizard’s Lesson Gore Continues

Click To Embiggen:

Wizard's Lesson The Pit




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