Here it is. Here’s The Wizard’s Lesson in its entirety.

I got it done in less than a year, but I wish I’d gotten it done faster. As time goes by my productivity increases, so my next projects should go faster.

You’ll see them soon enough. This post is about this comic right here.

As always, click to EMBIGGEN:

Sui Dynasty hats were super-weird
Wizards Lesson Page 2


Wizards Lesson Page 3The Wizard's Lesson Part FourThe Wizard's Lesson Part FiveThe Wizard's Lesson Page 6Whatever we smoked was so good that I don't remember smoking it.

Wizards Lesson 8 and 9Wizards Lesson Part NineWizards Lesson GeneralWizard's Lesson Fierce Beasts and a StormWizard's Lesson Splash Page DemonsWizards Lesson WifeThe Wizards Lesson - Gore Time smallerThe Wizard's Lesson - Impulsive behavior bWizard's Lesson The Pit


Chinese Hells 1Chinese Hells 2The Wizard's Lesson - Reborn as a womanWizards Lesson Pretty LadyWizard's Lesson birth smallerWizard's Lesson brains dashed out

Wizard's Lesson he is backWizard's Lesson Fucked Up for blog

The Wizards Lesson Last PageThe Wizards Lesson The EndSo, uh…so there you have it. That, my friend, is The Wizard’s Lesson, one of my favorite folk tales of all time.

I hope you picked up the subtleties of the lesson, sprinkled delicately throughout various panels, with the sum being more than I AM FUCKING WITH YOU I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE LESSON IS.

I mean, this is batshit.

I want to hear your opinions on this tale. I want to know what we are meant to learn. I want to know what Tzu Ch’un was meant to have learned. Comment here, comment on Facebook, or LJ, or wherever you’re reading this.


Near as I can tell, the Lesson is “never trust a fucking wizard.”

Turns out that Nadja’s got a better one:


Ta ra,


PS – This work leaves copyright in ten years, on January 15th, 2025.

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