Patlabor is important to me.

More on that later, because I’m on vacation. For now?

Please enjoy the amazing pre-color linework that Matt Decker of Premium Tattoo laid down for my latest geek tattoo, making it 5 for 5.  NOTE: My arm is curved, so Alphonse’s ear is actually way longer and Noa’s face is not as angular.

My pre-color Patlabor Tattoo - Noa and Alphonse - as done by Matt Decker

Also, I really haven’t been able to find any other Patlabor tattoos online. I may be–as I am almost certain I was with the tattoo below–the first person to have one. No matter what, I now have my two favorite shows represented on each shoulder.


Life is good.



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I’d apologize for letting you down on content last week, but I’m not sure that any of you give a shit.

And that hurts.*

I’ve got two pages of The Wizard’s Tale ready for scanning tomorrow, and may be able to finish a third before heading to Oakland for nine days. You’ll be getting some content those days, but likely in the form of photos and stories about how awesome it is in California.

Don’t try to rob us, though; our home will be guarded by a ferocious old cat and a friend who is staying there and being afforded an exception to Stone Robot Enterprises‘ “NO GUNS” rule.

A few weeks ago Nadja figured out what her Halloween costume would be, and a few days ago I figured out mine.

This is important, because Halloween is my favorite holiday. It even beats out Van Riebeeck Day, which is a VERY close second*.

While I’ve had a few years where Halloween costuming was superceded by extenuating circumstances, generally, when I actually do Halloween, I don’t believe in pissing about.

Here’s one of my favorite homemade costumes:


[pic–and most of the others–by Nadja Robot]


I really hope you recognize it or can figure it out. No worries if you can’t, though; I’m here to help.

You can find more behind the jump at the bottom.

Did I mention I’m getting a new tattoo in California? I didn’t?

The hell I didn’t; go back two sentences.

Anyways, time to get back to the culling. These rabid [REDACTED] aren’t going to [REDACTED] themselves, after all.



*Not true


Wizard Lesson 8-9 thumbnail

Hey there, kids!

Another page of The Wizard’s Lesson is ready.


Part One
Parts Two and Three
Parts Four and Five
Part Six
Part Seven




Wizards Lesson 8 and 9


I’m going to try to up my output on them so I can have at least a half-assed bound edition for Madefest 2014, where Stone Robot Enteprises will be sharing a booth with the delightful and talented Sophie McMahon. Updates to come.

As soon as The Wizard’s Lesson is finished, I’m going to get going on my next project, XXXX XX XXX X XXXXXXXXXX [working title].

It occurred to me that I haven’t mentioned the original source of The Wizard’s Lesson. The earliest translation of it in English was done by a fellow named Li Fun Yen, in the late 19th/early 20th century. He apparently lived rather a disillusioned life. I’m glad he did some work on spreading knowledge of his country’s history before things went south. When I finish the comic, I’ll have more details on him.

Notes on Upcoming Projects:

– More of the Wizard’s Lesson
– Two one-shots about people being filthy douchenozzles
– See previous bunch of X’s
– New Sir Reginald story [Jeez, I haven’t written one in over 2 years]
– Finish that nude sketch of you

I think that’s all.

See you tonight. You won’t see me.



Ood Boy Preview

S’up, kids?

Got another Whodorable for you:

Pick it up! Pick it up! My brain fell out of my mouth!

Honestly, I only count The Littlest Cyberman as the other completed one; Daw’vros was just a sketch for a concept I couldn’t get quite right. I’ll be re-approaching him soon.

Can’t guarantee a new Wizard’s Lesson page this week, but I can definitely assure that you’ll get at least one next week, as well as another post.

Oh, also, My Favorite Robot has a new cocktail entry up on her personal blog, Snack the Knife. It’s a good one. Like, seriously, you should read it. We listened to some AWKWARD music for reference….

Somebody tell me a story.



REMINDER: This comic will leave personal copyright on June 11th, 2024.

Preview 1


It’s here that the reason this is one of my favorite folk tales becomes very evident. What was previously an exercise in monetary vice, charity, and morality becomes…well, what you see below.

And trust me, this ain’t even to the WEIRD shit yet.


Part One

Parts Two and Three

Parts Four and Five

Part Six


Whatever we smoked was so good that I don't remember smoking it.

I know, guys. I know.

And we haven’t even gotten to the part where….



The Brain Race

Over the last, ermm…lots of years, I’ve been doing a regular thing where I have a preposterous amount of fun taking my toys into the bookstacks and finding appropriate books for them.

The setups vary from comic book humor, to pop culture humor, to NOBODY WILL GET THAT JOKE, BENJAMIN.

I have some new ones planned out, so I thought I’d familiarize people with some of my older ones.

Also, if all goes well, you’ll have the first splash page of The Wizard’s Lesson tomorrow morning. Here are Part 1, Parts 2 & 3, Parts 4 & 5, and Part 6.

More Toys in the Bookstacks behind the cut.

Now go hug somebody.







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Daredevil Man Without Fear and All Star Superman - I'm bartering these for a bowling ball

I’ll be shifting hosts in a few days, so may be down for a little bit.

While I have no doubt that you’ll survive, I do want you to know that if you need anything while I’m gone, there are other resources that can help.

Can I just say how much I love the barter culture? I recently put up a request for a bowling-ball on the local Craigslist–Nadja’s making a gazing-ball for the back yard–and was happy to hear that a person was willing to go swapsies for it.

As such, I paid this:

Daredevil Man Without Fear and All Star Superman - I'm bartering these for a bowling ball

For this:

Brunswick Bowling Ball for Barter

It’s a great world.

Speaking of great things, here’s a movie you’ll either love or hate, depending on how awesome you are. It is NOT what you think you’re expecting; instead, it’s freaky and terrifying. Watching it with particular intoxicants may result in your experience being more visceral.

I think that’s it for now.



Movies4 - thumb

Man, I really like movies.

Over the past few years, I have occasionally gotten the itch to draw something from a favorite movie and then have people guess what it is.


Prizes are offered for correct answers:

First Place: Nine
Second Place: More
Third Place: Relax

Anyroad, here’s the latest, and you can find the rest after the jump.

Vague Concept of Love,



Click right below this for THREE MOAR.

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Second uiuc library cart art

Now that I’ve made what maybe was possibly a stab at what is and isn’t historically relevant, as well as what should be considered destructive and what constructive…

Well, here’s another card, slight variation.

Now I’m really starting to explore things in my head, namely what is important history vs life’s detritus, as well as what defacing either means.

Is it enough that I documented this before I wrote on it or does it belong with so many woefully-outdated things at libraries?

Perhaps it’s just time for some creative recycling?

Second uiuc library cart art
Anyroad, is gonna be migrating servers in the next week, so the site will be down for a few days at some point soon.

In the mean time, I have two pieces I’m drawing, as well as a written thing that may someday be done.

PS – Heh. Nibiru stuff always cracks me up.