Fuckbrain Comix Presents Using a Public Restroom 2

I’m marginally surprised that nobody seems to have found my Easter Egg in Tuesday’s comic….

In any event, today’s Fuckbrain Classic is from 8 years ago, when my OCD was far worse than it is now. While I still stick to most of the rules in this comic, I’ve been able to overcome a few of them.

Fuckbrain Comix Presents Using a Public Restroom 2

I’m just wigging the fuck out of y’all this week, aren’t I?



Every Tme You Flush You Dance With Death - OCD Comix - Page 1 Finished

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Every Tme You Flush You Dance With Death - OCD Comix - Page 1 Finished

Every Tme You Flush You Dance With Death - OCD Comix - Page 2 Finished

Every Tme You Flush You Dance With Death - OCD Comix - Page 3 finished

Every Tme You Flush You Dance With Death - OCD Comix - Page 4 Finished

Every Tme You Flush You Dance With Death - OCD Comix - Page 5 Final

This was the first Fuckbrain Comix that I’ve done using a way larger paper–11×14–and I’m well-pleased with the results. I’m using the same size for my next project–an adaptation of a wonderfully bizarre Chinese folk tale–and it’s working well for me there, too.

Much love to my sweet Robot, for it was she who convinced me to draw on nicer paper than just the stuff in the printer. (-_-;)

You’ll soon see various archives sections pop-up on the website, so keep an eye open for more posts about old comics being uploaded. Not sure if I’ll do a So You Don’t Have To archive here, but I might.

Anyroad, I hope this comic doesn’t make you feel dirty. If it does, go wash your hands.

Not that it will help.


Who reminds you that this comic becomes copyright-free on April 1st, 2024.


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Copyright Benchilada Style Page 1 complete

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Let’s do this.

Copyright Benchilada Style Page 1 completeCopyright Benchilada Style Page 2 completeCopyright Benchilada Style Page 3 complete

“If I’m to be a fool, let me be a generous one.” – me, just now

My current license on most of my works is Creative Commons’s “CC BY-NC.” That’s their “You can share and spread this material, remix and transform it, but you must attribute the original work to me and you cannot use it for commercial purposes.”

Once my items leave my personal copyright zone, they will be under a “CC BY-SA” license. That basically means “you can share, spread, remix, transform my work, and you can even do it for commercial purposes.”

As of today, March 26, 2014, my personal copyright is going to be ten years. This will not apply retroactively to works, but rather all works created by me now have a copyright-reboot date of today. This means that this comic will become available under the second CC license on March 26, 2024. If a work was created by me in 1992, it will still only become available in 2024. The details are a bit more complex, but they’re not particularly relevant yet.

SUMMATION: On March 26, 2024, everything I’ve created on/before today—for better or worse—belongs to everybody.

This comic and my copyright choice are dedicated to the memory of my dear friend Michael Hart.




I absolutely despise when one of my conditions rears its head while I’m doing something important. One of the most infuriating is when my OCD flips on while I’m drawing.

I tossed this off after struggling mightily on the first page of the Chinese folk tale I’m drawing as my next project. Let’s not talk about how much I did this last night:

OCD when drawing

My drawing style kind of hinges around me not taking a preposterous amount of to do it. Part of the “charm” is that there’s a spontaneity to the pieces, and that if you look carefully you can see all the mistakes I’ve tried to digitally remove. Over-thinking my art condemns me to a purgatory of questioning each pencil mark, the opposite of what I want.

So be it.

Here’s a photo of the side-entrance to Stone-Robot Enterprises for you. We don’t use it much because, a) We’re hippies, b) It’s protected by golems not created by us.


New Fuckbrain Comix up tomorrow or Wednesday.


Who may be sick


See, here’s the problem.

I really love drawing, but I’m really not that good at it. I really enjoy it, I usually enjoy my end results, but sometimes it’s really frustrating.

I drew this little guy last week, but he was only intended as a preliminary sketch for my small Doctor Who Monsters series. After I drew him, I used tracing methods and freehand methods and none of my follow-ups look as good yet.

It’s very, very difficult for me to do accurate recreations of things when I draw them, whether I’m drawing from an original or freehanding based off of a sketch. There is a strange and fundamental disconnect between my eyes, my brain, and my hand when it comes to replicating things. So be it.

I’ll revisit him later, I’m sure, but for now, please enjoy my sketch version of

or, Kaled is just Dalek Spelled Backwards



See you next week with the first page of my new Fuckbrain Comix.


The Littlest Cyberman

Now you’ve done it. Now you’ve gone and fucking done it. Shit.

Welcome to benchiladaland beta.

After about a billionty years of planning this, I finally got it up and running thanks to that most delightful of dames, the fiancee I fancy, Nadja Robot.

Expect the usual Fuckbrain Comix, Inappropriate Comix, and photos, only more better and more often, as well new serialized comics and new writing.

  • Yer gonna get art at least once a week.
  • Yer gonna get at least two entries per week.
  • Yer gonna see archives of old works and new features appear as the site unfolds.
  • Yer gonna check the ribbon to the right for other places that I live on the tubes.
  • Yer gonna click the links and see the rest of Stone Robot Enterprises.
  • Yer gonna get a backache sitting like that.

Some of those may be hopes as opposed to realities. Not the bit about how you’re sitting, though, for the love of fuck.

And now, please to enjoy the first piece of original art up on benchilada.net, also part of a new series:


or, The Lil’est Cyberman:

The Littlest Cyberman

See you sooner than you think, with a comic about copyright and a comic about…just…ugh. You’ll see.

I’m so close I can smell you,

Live from Stone Robot Enterprises