Nanaca Crash Opening Screen

This is just a reminder that the devastatingly-addictive Nanaca Crash game is still up on the internet.

Nanaca Crash Boost

Nanaca Crash is an online spin-off game from Cross Channel, an H-Game for the PS2. Surprisingly, it is entirely SFW. This bastard of a flash game has been destroying free time since it first arrived online. God knows I’ve wasted many hours of my life on it.

Here’s the plot: girls are keeping a pervert away from them by beating the fuck out of him. Your goal is to keep him in the air after hits from various girls send him up, diagonally, sideways, give bonus boosts or stop him in his tracks.

Go ahead and click this pic to play. I dare you. You didn’t need spare time anyway.

Nanaca Crash Opening Screen

Oh, and try to beat my score while you’re at it.

Nanaca Crash Best Score benjamin personal

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