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Hey! I drew a new page of The Wizard’s Lesson for you down a bit.

Before we get to that, though, I just need to put part of an old story here.

Certainly not because I’m about to finish new things with this character. Heavens no. Why would I let a marginally-beloved character have new life after years of being allowed to languish? I mean, it’s not like I once wrote about him so often that my fiancee Nadja Robot made me an action figure of Reginald.

Anyroad, here’s a bit of words:

“Bored,” said Sir Reginald to nobody in particular as he threw a fifty peso coin across the room. It ricocheted off of a bronze statue of JFK, which yelped in pain.

“Bored,” he repeated, throwing another coin at the Stone of Unyielding Sorrow, which hung from the ceiling by a rope. He missed, and the coin instead landed in the bucket under it, the one that collects the tears and blood that slowly leech out of the stone.

“Bored,” he said a bit louder and flicked another coin at the back of Willy, the ghost that lived in Sir Reginald’s house in exchange for assistance with matters that only a ghost can assist with. His name wasn’t actually Willy, but Reginald liked that better than its real name. The coin flew through the ectoplasm and landed in a tank of fetid water that may or may not have had a very tiny coelacanth in it.”

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And now…the drawing part.

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