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We will be at Made-Fest next weekend, both Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th. There’s a FB page here.

We’ll be on the east side of the vendor area, up against the wall of the Highdive.

We’ll be sharing our booth with artist Sophie McMahon, who is awesome.

You will come buy our things.

There will be a mini-comic with this as its cover:

Benchilada Comix 1 cover

For more awesome things to do in Champaign-Urbana all the time, visit my Ladybee von Robot‘s AWESOME local events webpage, Nothing to Do in C-U. If you know of a local event that’s coming up, let us know!





Patlabor is important to me.

More on that later, because I’m on vacation. For now?

Please enjoy the amazing pre-color linework that Matt Decker of Premium Tattoo laid down for my latest geek tattoo, making it 5 for 5.  NOTE: My arm is curved, so Alphonse’s ear is actually way longer and Noa’s face is not as angular.

My pre-color Patlabor Tattoo - Noa and Alphonse - as done by Matt Decker

Also, I really haven’t been able to find any other Patlabor tattoos online. I may be–as I am almost certain I was with the tattoo below–the first person to have one. No matter what, I now have my two favorite shows represented on each shoulder.


Life is good.