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I’d apologize for letting you down on content last week, but I’m not sure that any of you give a shit.

And that hurts.*

I’ve got two pages of The Wizard’s Tale ready for scanning tomorrow, and may be able to finish a third before heading to Oakland for nine days. You’ll be getting some content those days, but likely in the form of photos and stories about how awesome it is in California.

Don’t try to rob us, though; our home will be guarded by a ferocious old cat and a friend who is staying there and being afforded an exception to Stone Robot Enterprises‘ “NO GUNS” rule.

A few weeks ago Nadja figured out what her Halloween costume would be, and a few days ago I figured out mine.

This is important, because Halloween is my favorite holiday. It even beats out Van Riebeeck Day, which is a VERY close second*.

While I’ve had a few years where Halloween costuming was superceded by extenuating circumstances, generally, when I actually do Halloween, I don’t believe in pissing about.

Here’s one of my favorite homemade costumes:


[pic–and most of the others–by Nadja Robot]


I really hope you recognize it or can figure it out. No worries if you can’t, though; I’m here to help.

You can find more behind the jump at the bottom.

Did I mention I’m getting a new tattoo in California? I didn’t?

The hell I didn’t; go back two sentences.

Anyways, time to get back to the culling. These rabid [REDACTED] aren’t going to [REDACTED] themselves, after all.



*Not true


Nanaca Crash Opening Screen

This is just a reminder that the devastatingly-addictive Nanaca Crash game is still up on the internet.

Nanaca Crash Boost

Nanaca Crash is an online spin-off game from Cross Channel, an H-Game for the PS2. Surprisingly, it is entirely SFW. This bastard of a flash game has been destroying free time since it first arrived online. God knows I’ve wasted many hours of my life on it.

Here’s the plot: girls are keeping a pervert away from them by beating the fuck out of him. Your goal is to keep him in the air after hits from various girls send him up, diagonally, sideways, give bonus boosts or stop him in his tracks.

Go ahead and click this pic to play. I dare you. You didn’t need spare time anyway.

Nanaca Crash Opening Screen

Oh, and try to beat my score while you’re at it.

Nanaca Crash Best Score benjamin personal

Latest Fuckbrain Comix–about OCD and science–is being touched-up tonight and will be posted tomorrow.



I got the Flash ring tattoo on my finger touched-up by Rick Kutch at No Regrets Tattoos

[EDIT: Hello, Cracked readers! Please enjoy a look at my other bootleg toys, a collection that’s always expanding. Also, you bastards have forced me to consider updating this site. Fine. Jerks.]

Hello, kids.  Two awesome things today.

I have four tattoos, all of them in some way geeky, and I just got one touched-up two days ago:

I got the Flash ring tattoo on my finger touched-up by Rick Kutch at No Regrets Tattoos

It’s Barry’s ring, and my allegiance is ultimately with Wally, but much love to the whole Flash Family.

The man who did the job is Rick Kutch at No Regrets Tattoos in Champaign.

I also just got an incredible bootleg toy for my collection, this time from Greece. It is totally ridiculous and brilliantly strange.

Little Pluckies Ninja Protects knockoff TMNT gun toy 2

Yep. Looks like they finally skipped past the “melee weapons” thing and tried a laser gun. Results? Shredder’s dead, baby. Shredder’s dead.
Little Pluckies Ninja Protects knockoff TMNT gun toy

Fits my hand like a dream. God damn, no wonder those Little Pluckies Protect! Look a this bad boy in action!

Nadja fires the Little Pluckies Ninja Protects knockoff TMNT gun toy
Don’t worry, she’s not terrified of its awesome sparking power but rather I took the photo in the dark and this gun is bright. [EDIT: “And loud.” – Nadja]

The new Fuckbrain Comix is waiting to be scanned and should be ready for posting next week.

See you then,