Inappropriate Comix 9 - Penis patch

A number of you haven’t been following my art for a really long time, so I feel that in the interest of full-disclosure, I should reveal the following:

My comics are not always sensitive.
They’re not always kind.
They’re occasionally TRULY filthy.
They’re not comics you’d take home to mother–although mine finds them hilarious.

I call one set of them Inappropriate Comix for a reason. If that title worries you, don’t look. You don’t have to like all my art, but I think it’s only fair that you know about this one particular aspect.

If this sort of thing isn’t for you, I have little advice to give you, save that “perhaps benchilada is not for you.”

If you’re reading this only to see things that are gonna offend you, please, for the love all of pleasurable sex, go play some adorable Pucca games or something. Otherwise, you have only yourself and your lack of self-control to blame if you get pissy.

Now lie back and think of England.

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There, that wasn’t so b–oh, I can’t even lie about it. Either you laughed or you want to picket my home.

I’m fine with either and I will always love you.


PS – The rest are here, although some are not-the-best quality because they were one of the first things I drew regularly.
PPS – Cats can appreciate art, too.