Patlabor is important to me.

More on that later, because I’m on vacation. For now?

Please enjoy the amazing pre-color linework that Matt Decker of Premium Tattoo laid down for my latest geek tattoo, making it 5 for 5.  NOTE: My arm is curved, so Alphonse’s ear is actually way longer and Noa’s face is not as angular.

My pre-color Patlabor Tattoo - Noa and Alphonse - as done by Matt Decker

Also, I really haven’t been able to find any other Patlabor tattoos online. I may be–as I am almost certain I was with the tattoo below–the first person to have one. No matter what, I now have my two favorite shows represented on each shoulder.


Life is good.



Block and wait....

Fuck yes, giant robots. I suspect that I will never grow tired of you.

If one day my brain reaches a state of decay from which I cannot return, one in which giant robots are no longer a source of joy, I beg of you all…if that day comes, it’s time to have me put down.  Watch out, though, ‘cause I’ll put up one hell of a fight. Like, bite-your-eyeballs-open kind of fight.

I digress.

For most geeky things, I would have a hard time picking a favorite, but this is not true with giant robots. There can be only one: Jet Jaguar Alphonse from Patlabor, my favorite anime of all time.

Alphonse is a Shinohara Heavy Industries AV-98 Ingram, and functions at Unit 1 for the Special Vehicles Unit of the Tokyo Police. Patlabor is a comedy/action giant robot show that’s really about the people who pilot them, focusing on the female lead and pilot of Alphonse, Izumi Noa.

I have rather a number of Patlabor-related items, but I recently acquired the most amazing one available, something I must admit I had to save/splurge a bit to get. I tell you, though, it was worth every dime.

I’m extra grateful now, because if I hadn’t gotten it a dirty stinking Sentinel would have fucked up our backyard.

Block and wait....


Just a second more...

Wait until it’s warmer out and I have more time to take scene shots….

Oh! One more thing about Patlabor: they are shooting a live-action film and live-action miniseries in Japan right now. And yes, that means that they built a 1:1 scale model of Alphonse.

Bonerville, amirite?