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This is seriously one of my favorite Toys in the Bookstacks in ages.

As always, click the pic to make it bigger. Now please release your geek–this one can level you up–and enjoy:

Toys in the Bookstacks - Booster Gold and Blue Beetle
“Uh, Ted? Did you see the last name of the guy who wrote this book?”
“Uh, Michael? Did you see the name of the guy who wrote THIS book?”

“I need beer, Ted.”
“Me too, Michael.”




The Brain Race

Over the last, ermm…lots of years, I’ve been doing a regular thing where I have a preposterous amount of fun taking my toys into the bookstacks and finding appropriate books for them.

The setups vary from comic book humor, to pop culture humor, to NOBODY WILL GET THAT JOKE, BENJAMIN.

I have some new ones planned out, so I thought I’d familiarize people with some of my older ones.

Also, if all goes well, you’ll have the first splash page of The Wizard’s Lesson tomorrow morning. Here are Part 1, Parts 2 & 3, Parts 4 & 5, and Part 6.

More Toys in the Bookstacks behind the cut.

Now go hug somebody.







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I got the Flash ring tattoo on my finger touched-up by Rick Kutch at No Regrets Tattoos

[EDIT: Hello, Cracked readers! Please enjoy a look at my other bootleg toys, a collection that’s always expanding. Also, you bastards have forced me to consider updating this site. Fine. Jerks.]

Hello, kids.  Two awesome things today.

I have four tattoos, all of them in some way geeky, and I just got one touched-up two days ago:

I got the Flash ring tattoo on my finger touched-up by Rick Kutch at No Regrets Tattoos

It’s Barry’s ring, and my allegiance is ultimately with Wally, but much love to the whole Flash Family.

The man who did the job is Rick Kutch at No Regrets Tattoos in Champaign.

I also just got an incredible bootleg toy for my collection, this time from Greece. It is totally ridiculous and brilliantly strange.

Little Pluckies Ninja Protects knockoff TMNT gun toy 2

Yep. Looks like they finally skipped past the “melee weapons” thing and tried a laser gun. Results? Shredder’s dead, baby. Shredder’s dead.
Little Pluckies Ninja Protects knockoff TMNT gun toy

Fits my hand like a dream. God damn, no wonder those Little Pluckies Protect! Look a this bad boy in action!

Nadja fires the Little Pluckies Ninja Protects knockoff TMNT gun toy
Don’t worry, she’s not terrified of its awesome sparking power but rather I took the photo in the dark and this gun is bright. [EDIT: “And loud.” – Nadja]

The new Fuckbrain Comix is waiting to be scanned and should be ready for posting next week.

See you then,


Block and wait....

Fuck yes, giant robots. I suspect that I will never grow tired of you.

If one day my brain reaches a state of decay from which I cannot return, one in which giant robots are no longer a source of joy, I beg of you all…if that day comes, it’s time to have me put down.  Watch out, though, ‘cause I’ll put up one hell of a fight. Like, bite-your-eyeballs-open kind of fight.

I digress.

For most geeky things, I would have a hard time picking a favorite, but this is not true with giant robots. There can be only one: Jet Jaguar Alphonse from Patlabor, my favorite anime of all time.

Alphonse is a Shinohara Heavy Industries AV-98 Ingram, and functions at Unit 1 for the Special Vehicles Unit of the Tokyo Police. Patlabor is a comedy/action giant robot show that’s really about the people who pilot them, focusing on the female lead and pilot of Alphonse, Izumi Noa.

I have rather a number of Patlabor-related items, but I recently acquired the most amazing one available, something I must admit I had to save/splurge a bit to get. I tell you, though, it was worth every dime.

I’m extra grateful now, because if I hadn’t gotten it a dirty stinking Sentinel would have fucked up our backyard.

Block and wait....


Just a second more...

Wait until it’s warmer out and I have more time to take scene shots….

Oh! One more thing about Patlabor: they are shooting a live-action film and live-action miniseries in Japan right now. And yes, that means that they built a 1:1 scale model of Alphonse.

Bonerville, amirite?